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Mallorca Home Search specialises in finding the right property in Mallorca for our international clients. We have a long established background in understanding and providing clients with what they are looking for. If you have ever wished for that executive assistant who could understand your needs and hand you a shortlist of the best properties for you to choose from, we are here to help you.


Once we have completed an extensive brief on what you are looking for we start work on the search process. We concentrate on your chosen area and search using our network of contacts and mediums such as estate agents, websites, publications and various local listings. We also perform a physical search of the area which can be very productive, as well as bringing us up to date on what is happening in that area.

During this part of the process we will send you information on various properties to continue the process of identifying your property style and your likes and dislikes.


During our extensive search we will compile a list of potential properties that match your criteria. This listing will be sent to you for your preview and it is at this point we will conduct pre-viewings on any properties you express an interest in. This is an important part of the process as many property listings do not necessarily match up to their claims and here we can eliminate those properties before you waste time on actual viewings.

We then come to the final shortlist, where we will make all the arrangements for your viewings and accompany you during the whole process.


Once you have found a property you are interested in, we assist you in the negotiation process. We can advise you on what is a current market value for the area and a good price for the property in question, as well as sometimes advising what is not a good purchase.

We can also arrange valuations and surveys to assist with the decision making process and we will then negotiate with the seller’s agent on your behalf and obtain the best price possible for you.


Once you have agreed on a price for your dream property we are here to guide you through the entire completion process. At this point we can recommend tried and tested legal representatives, financial advisors, surveyors and architects.

We can also advise you on the completion process and all the checks required before signing the option contract. We will be with you all the way through to signing the final sales contract and obtaining your keys.



Mallorca Home Search offers an Orientation Service to clients who are not familiar with the island or are unsure of exactly where they wish to live or what suits them. This service is recommended to all clients as it is very beneficial for the search process.

After discussion with the client about their needs for their Mallorca property and the lifestyle they are hoping to achieve, a bespoke tour is planned, taking into account price base, lifestyle choices and their existing knowledge of the island. During the orientation we would look at various property areas, different styles of property available, local amenities such as schools, supermarkets, sports facilities and nearby towns or villages.

Normally an orientation would take approximately 5 to 6 hours of your time but is a very valuable tool in that it allows you to make the best choices for your property and for us to channel the property search effectively.

For a client who has already retained our services, there is no charge.



Once you have your dream property on Mallorca, how do you plan on using it? Is it a summer vacation house or a property to use year round? Perhaps you are planning to rent it out at times.

We can provide you with property management services, tailored to look after your property on your terms.

This can be from a full property management service, including all maintenance and repairs to a weekly visit or just arranging cleaning and restocking prior to your visits.

Should your property require renovations or reform, or perhaps just a quick face-lift prior to your arrival, we can connect you with architects, builders, interior design services, decorators and other trades to achieve your objectives.

We can obtain quotations on your behalf or manage your projects. Whatever suits your needs and works for your property, can be arranged.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to service your needs.



Many people simply do not have the time to deal with the additional workload that moving brings, even if it is the exciting prospect of a wonderful new home on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

This is where Mallorca Home Search can make your life even easier.

We can arrange for all removal services, both collection and shipping from your present country and delivery here in Mallorca.

We can also assist with making your property ready for your arrival by ensuring all the services are connected in your name, including but not limited to electricity, gas, telephone, internet and television. We can also arrange the correct handover from previous owners to include the possibility of continuity of gardening, maintenance and pool services, as well as any other notable services.

If this is a vacation or second home and you require further services such as sourcing or shopping for furniture, household items, soft furnishings and decoration, kitchen equipment or garden furniture in order to enjoy your property from day one, we can liaise with you, either doing it for you or assisting you with the process. We can even stock your fridge for you.




For our international clients, we can also provide a Rental Search Service.

Be it a long or short term rental or the ideal vacation property, after discussion and taking your brief, an intensive search can be done to source a suitable property for your requirements in the area of your choice.



As a company, Mallorca Home Search can help you in many more ways than just property search.

We can provide our clients with assistance in all sorts of ways here in Mallorca especially for those who are time-starved.

Here are a few of the concierge services we can help you with:

✓Transportation Services ✓Restaurant Recommendations and Reservations ✓Travel Planning and Reservations ✓Business Services ✓Pet Services ✓Sourcing Cleaning Services ✓Household Shopping ✓Activities and Special Events Organisation



For those who already own property on the island. If you are looking to sell and need some assistance in getting your property ready, or perhaps your property has been on the market for a long time, we can help you make it more appealing to potential buyers.

We can visit your property, advise on which changes you need to make, provide quotations and assist or complete the process for you, giving your property a better chance on the current market.



Are you having issues with your staff?
Why do so many villa owners feel unsatisfied with the service they get in their own property?
In short, this is mainly through lack of training. Most staff want to do the job well but struggle to know exactly what is expected of them or lack leadership. They may not have the previous experience to understand the standards required or the ability to transfer instructions into a reality.

We can offer you full in-house training and trouble-shooting, complete with work schedules and task lists for the following:-

✓Food and beverage services ✓Guest services ✓Housekeeping services ✓Daily cleaning and schedules ✓Detailed cleaning ✓Provisioning and stock control ✓Laundry services ✓Storage and inventory control ✓Villa seasonal preparation and winter shut down



















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